Unveiling Exciting New Features
March 2024
Web Mobile
TimeTec Attendance
1. Added Attachment Function for Edit Attendance Request
In TimeTec Attendance, there is an Approval feature which enables Admins to set up certain rules for managing Overtime, Edit Attendance, Out-of-Area Clock in and Outstation requests. This setting is located at User > Manage Approval Rules. Once the rules are configured, assigned employees can then apply through the system and these requests will be submitted to their manager/Admin for approval.

In March, we added an attachment function under the remark section to allow users to upload a file when they are submitting the edit attendance request for approval. Approvers can then view the attachment file before approving or rejecting the user’s request.

a. Approval (User View) > My Request > Apply > Edit Attendance
b. Approval (User View) > Request Details
c. Approval (Admin View) > Request Details
2. Customise User Duty Roster - Added Option for 'Daily' Roster View
When Admins need to customise the duty roster for individual users, for example, update their respective leave days, edit work schedules or perhaps change rest days, admins can do so at Schedule > Customise User Duty Roster.

In the latest release, the duty roster page has been enhanced with additional options to display the ‘daily’ roster view. Please refer to the sample screenshots below for further details:

a. Schedule > Customise User Duty Roster > Daily
b. Customise User Duty Roster > Daily (Edit Mode)
3. Overtime Approval Enhancement - Auto Deduction of Break Hours in OT Application
In TimeTec Attendance, there is an Approval module which enables the Admin to set up Overtime Approval rules. Assigned employees can apply for Overtime through the system and these requests will be submitted to their Manager/Admin for approval.

Recently, we have enhanced this process by adding an option that allows Admin to predefine whether the system will ‘Automatically auto deduct break hours from the user’s OT Attendance’.

Admin can key in the number of break hours to be deducted if an employee’s OT hours exceed the set amount of OT hours.

Further details are as follows:

a. User > Manage Approval Rules > Add > Overtime Setting
b. Approval > View Request
4. New Feature - Roster Audit Trail
Occasionally, Admins have to assign a schedule for new users or adjust an existing user’s schedule at the Schedule > Assign Schedules and Users into the Roster page.

For accountability purposes, these changes are tracked and the records can now be monitored from the new ‘Roster Audit Trail’ page.

a. Schedule > Assign Schedules and Users into Roster > Roster Audit Trail
5. New Feature - Attendance Audit Trail
Similar to the enhancement above, we also added a new ‘Attendance Audit Trail’ page at the Attendance Sheet. The audit trail listing provides a historical record of attendance modifications made by the admin. It captures details such as the date, time, and admin names associated with each attendance edit.

a. Attendance > Attendance > Attendance Audit Trail
6. System Settings - Added ‘App Clocking Authentication’ Setting
In the TimeTec HR app, there is a mobile clocking function that enables users to perform mobile clock-in (GPS, NFC or WiFi clocking) at various locations. However, management may have concerns about whether the clock-in was performed by the users themselves. To cater for this, we recently added a new optional setting known as 'App Clocking Authentication' at System Settings.

Enabling this option means that users will need to perform authentication such as facial recognition, fingerprint scan, passcode, etc. before clocking in with the mobile app.

a. Company > System Settings > Time & Attendance – ‘App Clocking Authentication’ option
TimeTec Leave
1. Leave Overview - Birthday Icon Display on the Calendar
Following a customer’s request, the leave calendar has been enhanced by adding a birthday icon on specific calendar dates to show an employee’s birthday on that day.

This function works similarly to the public holiday leave indicator on the leave calendar. Please refer to the sample screenshots below for further details:

a. Birthday Icon (Non-Clickable) - To Indicate a User’s Birthday on a Particular Date
b. Birthday Button (Clickable) – To Display the ‘Today’, ‘Upcoming’ and ‘Past’ Birthday List

A maximum of seven days will elapse between the birthday names on the ‘Past’ and ‘Upcoming’ lists.

i. Leave Overview – Added a Birthday List Icon
ii. ‘Today’ Tab

The name of the user(s) whose birthday falls on this day is displayed in this section.
iii. 'Upcoming' Tab

All the upcoming birthdays within the following seven days of today's date are displayed in this section.
iv. 'Past' Tab

All the previous birthdays within the last seven days from today's date are displayed in this section.
c. Birthday Settings – To Enable or Disable Birthday Information Display

The ‘Display Birthday’ option can be found under the ‘Leave Management’ section on the company’s ‘System Settings’ page.

i. Company > System Settings
ii. Settings Tooltip
iii. Additional Setting – Leave Overview Display

The 'Leave Overview Display' setting's setup is carried over to the birthday option.

Depending on the configuration view selected: 'All User', 'Own Organization Structure Users', or 'System Role & Own Organization Structure Users', will determine the birthday icon and birthday popup button appearance on the calendar. This means that the birthday icon could be set to be displayed to a selected amount of users (e.g. only display the birthday information of users within the same department).
2. Import User – Enhance Validation on 'Calendar Year (Month)' and 'Calendar Year (Day)'
Next, at the User > Manage User page, for the import user function, we recently enhanced the validation on the 'Calendar Year (Month)' and 'Calendar Year (Day)' import fields to minimise user error and ensure users are successfully imported.
3. User Leave Setting - Added Checking for Edit Carryover Balance
In TimeTec Leave, as an Admin, you can view each user’s leave settings by navigating to User > Manage User > Leave Settings (Edit column). When you are on this page, you can then move to the relevant tabs to customise leave allowances, balances or other settings for the user.

In the March release, we added a check to prevent editing of the carry-over balance, specifically when the total carry-over (from the previous year) is empty.

a. User Leave Settings - Balance (Edit)
b. User Leave Settings – Edit Carry Over Balance (Error Prompt)

When Admin clicks on the save button, the system will display an error message 'Please import your carryover leaves to edit the carryover leave balance'.
4. Updated the Popup for Auto Sign Out UI
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Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at info@timeteccloud.com, we will update it as soon as possible.
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