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user/month billed annually

user/month billed annually

user/month billed annually

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Automate 8 claim types and more
Customizable rates for different employees
Set claim rules and controls
Design your own approval rules
Applications & approvals via app
Convert claims to billable items for clients
Readily available reports
Professional claim analysis
Everything in Claim +
Staff onboarding
Mobile clocking in/out
GPS clocking
Geofence location
Track multi-location/branch
Distance calculator
Tardiness alert
Real-time data
Work schedule & roster
Overnight shift scheduling
OT application & approval
Dashboard & staff performance
30+ real-time reporting
Payroll integration
Everything in Professional +
Mobile app leave application
Multi-level approval workflow
Company leave calendar
Leave reminder notification
Personalized dashboard
Flexible amendments
Extensive leave rules
Customize leave policy
Flexible partial day leave
Crunch time settings
Leave analysis
Prorate leave balance
Labour compliance
Carry forward automation
Manage service accruals
10+ real-time reporting
Everything in Premium +
Customised job posting
Recruitment requisition approval
Schedule an auto-publish job post
Customize hiring workflow
Appointment of hiring teams
Customizable questionnaire
Interview scheduler
Share job posting on multiple platforms
Drop resumes
Automated screening process
Interview scorecard
Candidates' profile and status
Remuneration package
10+ real-time reporting

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