Face Enrollment via Weblink for TimeTec solutions
The weblink face enrollment feature is designed to provide a hassle-free and efficient system for TimeTec users. This process allows the user to upload his/her own photos or take a selfie via a weblink and enroll for facial recognition. Users will be able to use facial recognition devices such as QF Master when their enrollment has been approved.
Purpose of usage
The purpose of weblink face enrollment and face recognition are as follows:
To provide a hassle-free face enrollment process
To provide an efficient user enrollment workflow and reduce manual work
To provide a fast identity verification process for time attendance and/or door access purpose, using facial recognition devices such as QF Master and QF Master Plus.
To provide a contactless verification using facial recognition device.
Face enrollment via Weblink
Face Template Registration Email Sent from the Admin
Click on the Web Link
Upload Front-facing & Unblurry User Images
Select the Best Phot
Submit Photo
System Auto-Screening - Approval/ Rejection of Images
Admin Final Approval of Registration
Successful Enrollment!
How does TimeTec protect your personal data?

1   In order to prevent the loss, damage, manipulation or divulgation, etc. of the facial images, we implement sufficient information security measures against unauthorized access, and the like. Refer to Data Security for more information.
2   During the face enrollment process, the system will generate a template to be stored for future verification used. The face template is non-reversible to the original image, thus, it cannot be used elsewhere. Refer to our Guidelines for Biometric Data User for more information.
3   To ensure data security, users' face templates will be stored in a proprietary format and the data can only be viewed using TimeTec solutions.
4   More details of the security practices can be found here: https://www.timeteccloud.com/security
Handling of personal information
For the handling of other personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Consent of user
The registration of the facial image shall be treated on the agreed terms, as per stated in these regulations.